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    Learn to Say Goodbye

    Sometimes we need to say good-bye. Some good-byes come suddenly, without warning. Others are anticipated. Sometimes they’re a relief. And sometimes they hurt deeply. We say good-bye to beliefs and behaviors that become outdated.

    Occasionally, along the journey we need to say good-bye to something else, to—our dreams.

    Dreams are precious. They become embedded in our minds and our hearts. When they die, it can be painful to let go of them. But if we’re not careful, dead dreams we haven’t released can sabotage our lives and hearts. We will continue to try to place people and things in the vacant roles in our dreams. Our dead dreams will, in fact, be controlling our lives and blocking our hearts. Living with dreams that are dead closes the door to finding new visions and creating new dreams, your highest hopes and aims. The ones from yesterday that are now—never to be—and place them gently in the ground. Tell them how dear they were, and are. But tell them also, its time say good-bye. Cover them up. Dry your eyes.

    And open yourself to the new hopes and dreams of today.
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    I am glad you got something from it too. Nice reading about your experiences, and memories, past sermons and messages.

    I guess what I got from it is that I still keep on the dream that I can work, that I am still strong physically, that I can do this and that. Letting go of the working issue was hard. It was sooo hard. Mainly because I was a stay at home Mom for probably like 15 years, then within the past 4 years have gone back to school twice, tryed starting a career for me. Then the FM hit, the health problems, depression. Then still struggled, thinking I was strong enough, dreaming what a good job and career could bring me, and us as a family. Letting go of them dreams, meant letting go of something I been struggling with for 4 years.

    Not sure what the new dreams will be. Sorta stumped for words right now. But its something to think about for sure.
    Taking care of myself, health issues is first and foremost.
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    Your posts we a blessing to me today and I thank you.
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    God bless you, A blessing indeed.