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    I typed up in a word document from my fave meditation book, some of the daily meditaions that struck a chord with me. I thought I would share one for the day. Its for those who suffer from emotional problems I think. But could be for anyone really.

    Become Willing to Heal Your Heart

    We don’t open our hearts by being a tower of strength. We don’t open our hearts by glossing over things in our head. We open our hearts by feeling what we feel. We open our hearts by being vulnerable, honest, and gentle.
    We’ve become so strong, so self-sufficient, I can deal with that, we say. No big deal. I’ll keep moving on.

    Yet many circumstances we’ve been going through, and some we’re going through now, cause break lines in our heart. Some of the fractures are small. Some are big. They really hurt. Maybe certain people in our lives weren’t there for us, aren’t there for us now in a way we’d like them to be. Maybe some deceived us unconsciously or betrayed us deliberately. I can deal with that, we say. I understand. They have their own issues… Forgive.

    Yes, people do have their own issues. And we do forgive. But now it may be time to learn gentleness, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness for ourselves as well.
    We don’t open our hearts by ignoring the break lines. We take our hand, knowing it’s held by God, and gently run our fingers across each crack. Yes, its there. Yes, I feel it.

    Yes, I’m ready to heal my heart.

    Take better care of yourself

    Take better care of yourself than you ever have before. That’s what your heart is telling you to do.

    Those times of driving yourself will no longer work. Punishing, criticizing, repressing, and denying won’t bring the feelings, the growth, the result you’re seeking. The harder you push, the more you relentlessly demand perfection, the worse you’ll find.

    Fall in love with yourself. Be gentle, loving kind and attentive. Take time throughout each day to tend to your needs,, just as you would tend to someone you loved deeply and dearly. Loving and caring for yourself this way won’t waste time. It’s not a delay. Take better care of yourself, and life’s magic will return. Your life will improve. You’ll feel better too.

    Taking care of yourself is a simple act with profound consequences. The better and more often you care for yourself, the more you’ll align with the universe and God’s love