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    Today I am remembering that childhood lessons still apply, even though I am no longer a child.

    It is a given. Moms say it everyday. "Share". It was a lesson taught long ago (for some of us longer than others). The lesson of sharing doesn't end at the end of childhood, but rather, it continues into adulthood and all through life. Sharing is a difficult lesson to learn at first but as children grow they come to understand that they receive joy from sharing.

    Adults find it easy to share for the most part unless they are asked to share their money or the Gospel. At that point sharing becomes uncomfortable. It is as if they are a child again feeling threatened and selfish. What about you? How are you when it comes to sharing your treasure or testimony with others? Do you revert back to your childhood or have you learned the universal lesson about sharing - when you give you receive even more in return.

    You may have forgotten that you are blessed when you share. Now you know to share your treasure and your testimony as God would expect you to. - Gail Lindsay

    "And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased." Hebrews 13:16
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    Every minute we have a choice about whether we want to please God or please ourselves.

    If we look at the world and see only the destruction and devastation the evil one has brought, we will not please God, for we will not be able to see Him and His handiwork.

    When we choose to see God in spite of what the world is like, we are able to praise God in every circumstance. This does not mean we say we see God in every circumstance when we do not really see Him. What it does mean is that we are able to praise God for His presence in truth because we truthfully do see Him in every circumstance.

    Our world is full of danger, toils, and troubles, yet God exists and works in spite of the darkness of the world…and we can praise God and share our testimony for His being willing to work in spite of the darkness.

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