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    There is no fooling me.

    Recently, I had the opportunity to visit a large retail book store. I was pleased to see the large section devoted to Christian authors and Bibles. There were many books focusing on "The Passion of the Christ" too. What amazed me though was what was placed on the shelves right near by. One of the largest sections in the store was the one called "Self Improvement". Titles such as "Achieving Personal Freedom", "Cheering Yourself Up", "How to be Happy", and "How to Change Your Mind and Your Life", were just a few located there. Believe me, I am all for improvement but it became clear that the world’s focus is on "self" and the world promotes placing trust in the individual's ability to control their own life.

    Do not be fooled! Book after book have been written on the subject of taking control and attaining self improvement. These books are merely a temporary worldly remedy and substitution for what can truly only be accomplished by God Himself. The only book that you need to read to obtain the information to transform your life is the book inspired by God - the Bible. Included in its pages are all the wisdom and words you will need to be happy, free, cheerful, and to transform your mind. Don't place your trust in self improvement books or in yourself. Be wise! Place your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and walk each day with Him.

    You may be tempted to take your life into your own hands and rely on a self help book to transform you. Now you know that only a fool would substitute a worldly text for the perfect wisdom of the Living God. - Gail Lindsay

    "He who trusts in himself is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom is kept safe." Proverbs 28:26

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    this is my first time answering on this board so plse forgive me for what i am about to say

    i think that God would want me to be the best person that i can be and sometimes this means help from other areas like frinds, family, this board or even reading books.

    this does not mean that i would listen to everything that was said to me or to everything that i read, but sometimes there is a gem in hidden places.

    when it all boils down to it there is no higher authority than that of our saviour and He has the last word, but i think we should be open to everything to help us turn to the light and to be on the right path.

    i sincerely hope i havent offended anyone, and if i did i am truly sorry.