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    Today I bid you peace.

    Many have attempted it but have been unsuccessful. Achieving peace. I am not speaking of world peace or even peace in the Middle East. I am referring to individual peace. Peace of mind. Calm, confident. uninterrupted, and sustaining peace. Some have never known it. Instead life is a steady stream of insecurity, stress, worry, noise, and chaos. It is a way of life that seems unavoidable. Tossed about like a small boat on a turbulent sea moving from one wave of noise and conflict to another. Okay, that is it! Enough is enough.

    Today step away from the activity that keeps you from peace and step inside the quite, calm, place in Jesus Christ. He will set your mind at ease, extinguish the noise and institute total tranquility. In him you can rest your tired spirit and be refreshed. You will be ready to face any test or trial that comes your way when you have the confidence and strength that can only come from him. There, settle in and rest in the Lord. It is so peaceful when you are enveloped in Christ. So what are you waiting for? Couldn't you use a little bit of peace about now?

    You may have lost sight of the fact that peace is available to you. Now you know that peace is right where you are in Jesus Christ. - Gail Lindsay

    "And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:7
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    Thanks again!