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    There is no "I" in GOD.

    There you are. Perplexed, confused and troubled. The problem seems unsolvable.It may be a financial problem, or one related to health, employment, or a relationship. It may be twisted, tangled, and complicated with unusual complexity. So you ponder, strategize, and rack your brain over and over again trying to find a way to work things out. All you keep saying to yourself is, "How am I ever going to solve this?". The more you think about it, the more frustrated you become.

    What are you struggling for? There is a perfect solution to the problem. The problem is not the problem at all!. The problem is the way you are trying to solve the problem. Get rid of it! Give the problem to the Great problem Solver - Jesus Christ. He can provide the solution. Don't sit there wondering, "What am I going to do?", instead you should be thinking, "What is God going to do?". Give the problem to Him and then step out of the his way and let Him do his work.

    You have been sitting there wondering what you were going to do. Now you know that you are not the problem solver - Jesus Christ is. - Gail Lindsay

    "I am nothing - how could I ever find the answers?" Job 40:4