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    Today I am considering that what I say "no" to may be as important as
    what I say "yes" to.

    Running yourself ragged? Having trouble saying "no"? It is easy to become part of the culture of doing more with less and saying "yes" when you really want to say "no". Saying no can be difficult. Saying no takes some effort, thought, energy, and time. Someone may think you are being difficult, not being a team player, or just being unsociable. As a society we have so much trouble saying no we have had our morals and values hijacked by others who tell us that we should be saying yes to many things.

    Most of these conflict with the basic standards of integrity, morality, and honesty and contradict God's Word. The media has led the parade of "yes sayers". They would prefer that you say yes to nudity, violence, evil, deception, and perversion. You can bury your head in the sand and allow them to continue to push the envelope on what is acceptable. That approach would be just like saying "YES." Instead you could say "NO". Saying no means taking action. You can start in your own home, family, church, or office. You can raise the awareness of others or take a pro-active approach by writing letter and phoning advertiser, sponsors, organizations, broadcast companies and entertainment producers to have your voice heard. You've said "Yes" to Christ, now make a commitment to say "no" to the things that violate God's Word.

    You may have been saying nothing because saying "no" took too much time.Now you know that when you fail to speak out against something you are in fact agreeing to say "yes". - Gail Lindsay

    "God "will give to each person according to what he has done." Romans 2:6