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    This lent I am fasting and feasting.

    Fast from judging others - feast on the Christ dwelling in them
    Fast from emphasis on differences - feast on the unity of life
    Fast from apparent darkness - feast on the reality of light
    Fast from thoughts of illness - feast on the healing power of God
    Fast from words that pollute - feast on phrases that encourage
    Fast from discontent - feast on gratitude
    Fast from anger - feast on patience
    Fast from pessimism - feast on optimism
    Fast from worry- feast on the divine eternal power of God
    Fast from complaining - feast on appreciation
    Fast from negatives - feast on affirmatives
    Fast from unrelenting pressures - feast on unceasing prayer
    Fast from hostility - feast on non-resistance
    Fast from bitterness - feast on forgiveness
    Fast from self-concern - feast on compassion for others
    Fast from personal anxiety - feast on eternal truth
    Fast from discouragement - feast on hope
    Fast from facts that depress. - feast on truths that uplift
    Fast from lethargy - feast on enthusiasm
    Fast from suspicion - feast on truth
    Fast from thoughts that weaken - feast on promises that inspire
    Fast from shadows of sorrow - feast on sunlight of serenity
    Fast from idle gossip - feast on purposeful silence

    You may have been hungry for a way to honor Christ during lent. Now you know that you can fast and offer up a feast to Him. - Gail Lindsay

    "When you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their faces to show men they are fasting. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full." Matthew 6:16

  2. PrayerWarrior316

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    Wonderful Post Danny ! !

    I always enjoy reading your daily post Danny, Your daily post are always a blessing to me.

    Many Blessings to you Danny, Judy <a href='http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb008' target='_blank'><img src='http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/17/17_1_22.gif' border=0></a>

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