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    I think I will just skip today.

    Ever feel as though you would like to withdraw from life and just skip a day? Imagine an entire day without a care in the world. You would be able to rest, unwind, and feast in solitude and harmony. No worries, no demands, no responsibilities, nothing to have to do and nothing that you had to be. The day would just be pure bliss! Close your eyes. Think about the perfect day without any cares at all. Then open your eyes and read on.

    It is probably impossible for you to skip a day. Sure you may be able to take a day off from work or some time to get away but the cares of your life are still there wherever you go. The closest you will ever get to skipping a day is by going to a place of quiet prayer, worship, and reflection. Come away from the world and all its noise even for at least 10 full minutes today. Close the door, turn off the phone, shut out the to-do list and simply be with God. He will renew your mind, transform your heart, erase your stress, comfort your soul, and bring joy to the very core of your being. It may be impossible to skip a day - especially a day with the promise and glory of being alone with Jesus Christ.

    You may want to skip some things in your life today. Skip busyness, skip noise, skip conflict, skip everything but whatever you do, do not skip time alone with God. - Gail Lindsay

    " He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul." Psalm 23:2-3

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    I'm sure that we all have seen days that we would like to skip. But,It's so good to know that when our lives get all frazzled and our energy and spirit gets zapped, God will restore us and make us new and better than before.

    "Every day in every way He makes us better and better."

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