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    One Nation under ?

    A March 2004 survey results of Americans reveals that roughly three-quarters of all adults (77%) are of the Christian faith. These statistics are hard to believe unless it is Easter or Christmas. On these two occasions people come out of the woodwork to celebrate! The remainder of the year though the Nation certainly does not reflect a Nation where over three quarters of the adults are rooted in Christianity. So what exactly are Americans rooted in?

    The answer to this question can be found in your daily drive to work, on the screen of your television, in the pages of your morning paper, and on line at the grocery store. Rather than listening to the voice of the Lord, we are listening to advertisers, the media, politicians, activists, and corporate executives. There is evil being spoken by evil doers and in response rather than joining our voices in protest and raising our hands to our God we sit in silence and twiddle our thumbs. Is it fear, comfort or sheer laziness that causes three quarters of the adults in our Nation to bow to the pressures of the world rather than to God? It is clear that we are one Nation under sedation, illusion, or coercion but certainly not One Nation Under God.

    You may have thought you could just sit there and pretend that you didn't notice that the Nation is getting further and further from being One Nation Under God. Now you know that it is time to listen to the Lord and not be pressured by the world. - Gail Lindsay

    "But if any nation does not listen, I will completely uproot and destroy it," declares the LORD . Jeremiah 12:17