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    Today I am on the look out for joy snatchers!

    They are out there. Have you seen them? Joy snatchers! They lurk everywhere
    just waiting to snatch up all your joy! Oh they are cleaver. They come disguised in so many ways. You can always spot a joy snatcher if you listen with your heart. Perhaps you will recognize these joy snatchers. See
    if any of them have visited you:

    Perfectionism: zaps your joy by letting you know you are never good enough, could always be better, look better, do better, be and do more.

    Discord: steals moments of joy and replaces them with tension, bitterness, impatience, and envy.

    Worry: replaces times of peace and substitutes them with anxiety where you actually believe you are in control of circumstances, outcomes, and others happiness.

    Pride: can be confused with joy but is usually a precursor to setting you up to believe that others are less valuable, less knowledgeable, and not worthy of being included in sharing blessings and grace bestowed upon you.

    Now that you are aware of some of the snatchers of joy you can meet them head on! When these joy snatchers visit you recognize them and pray! Ask that God will give you the wisdom to overcome them and fill your life with true joy; the kind that only Jesus Christ can bring.

    You may have been feeling robbed of joy in your life. Now you know that you can be secure in Christ and experience joy everyday!

    "Be joyful always;" 1 Thessalonians 5:16

  2. Montysmum

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    I had just posted & decided to read further down & opened your post. That fits me well, my joy has not only been snatched, I think it may have been buried too deep to find again. But with God's help, maybe there's hope yet...
    Thank you.
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    Had to print these out for posting on the mirror.
    Phil 4 talks about using your mind to think about good things, just things, true things, pure things, etc...
    Good reminder!
  4. LindaW

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    thank you so much for your post-I really believe God spoke through you today for me- thank you again
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