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    Can I have a word with you?

    Do you ever feel as though you are talking to yourself? It is often difficult to communicate with others, especially children and teenagers. It can become quite frustrating. It is as if you are talking to a wall! Everyone seems to have their own agenda and listening is not one of the items on it. People are preoccupied, stretched too thin, and too inpatient to thoughtfully listen.
    If you are not careful you may become so accustom to others not listening that you carry that over into your relationship with God. Have you ever prayed and then wondered if He heard you? It is not uncommon to feel as though your words are falling on deaf ears but when it comes to prayer God hears every single word you say. He is never too busy to listen to you and He is always ready to reply. Are you ready to listen for His answer? Do you spend the time that is necessary to allow Him an opportunity to respond or are you like so many others who are unable to listen? God wants to have a prayerful conversation with you. Listen up and let the Lord hear the desires of your heart.

    You may find that it is not always easy to listen when you have so much that you want to say. Now you know that God hears you and wants to have a word with you. - Gail Lindsay

    "The LORD has heard my cry for mercy; the LORD accepts my prayer." Psalm 6:9