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    Love all of yourself

    Do more than just accept yourself, tolerate yourself, put up with yourself, endure who you are. Love yourself.

    There came a time in my life when I simply could no longer put up with putting up with myself. I had talked about self-love. I had said out loud that I loved myself. The words were good, but they didn’t ring true. I had to actually begin experiencing and practicing love for myself. It became the next step on my path.

    To live in a magical way, one in which you connect with the universe, loving yourself isn’t optional. It comes first. To hear the quiet voice of your heart so you know when you’re being led, to hear your thoughts so you can see what you really believe, to trust and open your heart, you must first experience love for yourself.

    Have you abandoned yourself? Let yourself see if that’s true, feel if that’s true. Then learn to experience love for yourself.

    Learn to love the way you handle things. Love your unique way of learning, growing and seeing things. Love where you’ve been. Love what you’ve done. Love where you are, and what you’re doing now.

    Love how you look, smell, and feel. Love the color of your eyes, the color of your hair, and the radiance in your heart. Love how you laugh. Love how you cry. Love your mistakes, and love all the good you’ve done. Love it all. Love all of you.

    Step into love for yourself, and the universe will reflect that love back to you.

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    This is a great post and it's needed.

    Another side to this is that the scripture says that we are to love our neighbor AS we love ourselves....hmmmm. No wonder there are so many unloving people, because so many of us do not love ourselves. I was in that boat for a long time. I noticed right off that is says "AS" we love ourselves.

    Now I have known people that are utterly "in love" with themselves and don't love anyone but themselves, but this is not what is required. I think loving ourselves, is as you stated, an appreciation for the person who God loving and fearfully created in our mothers wombs. We are all unique, with gifts God created in us, but we spend so much time in enevy of someone elses talents, or looks, or whatever. I like the saying..."God didn't make no trash"

    The day I realized that the person who I revered the most, was no differnt than myself, but had only had differnt opportunities, I began to be less intimidated by others and started to like myself more. Then, when I realized that the Creator of the Unniverse Loves Me...Me? Yes Me! Unconditionally, then I began to understand I must be okay and if I am okay with God, then why do I need to compare myself to anyone else. This hasn't made me arrogant, it's humbled me, because I know I don't deserve it. Now that I know I am loved in this way, I can love myself, and then others (and some may not deserve it either).

    I have found that other peoples unkindness (although hurtful at times) seems to run off of me like water off a ducks back. God's love has become my sheild and is a river that the enemy cannot cross.

    I am still to overweight, my hair is too thin, etc, but the "ME" down inside is wonderful and happy and I love the person that God created me to be, and is still working on I might add.

    There used to be a saying "Be patient with me, God's not finished with me yet" and that is true of everyone of us who is living in this human shell.

    Sorry for going on so long, and thank you for the post, this was a good reminder to me.

    Hugs to you
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    I am glad it helped you too Takesha. What you said also, helped me alot also.

    Just when I think I got myself figured out, I don't. My dream right now is to be at peace within. I love myself now. Didn't used to. I guess the meditation helped to feel better that I have come this far. Its like a war, many wars going on inside me right now.

    I was at my Mom's last week, she lives with my sister. My sister and I used to be close, but not since I became a Christian. My Mom and sister and I sifted through some old mementos. Some of the mementos triggered old memories that I had buried. If you know about codependency, the old memories triggered alot of pain. Pain I had to face that I hadn't faced before.

    I liked what you said, God isn't finished yet. I liked what you said that God loves us, why not love ourselves. We are supposed to. In order to love others, you got to love yourself.

    Learning so much from you all, I am so thankful.