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    I have CFIDS more so than FM. I have that flu feeling, dizziness and lately wake up with queasy nausea. I can eat with now problems, but just have the queasies daily. Somedays I have a buzzing in my ears with the dizzies, so I take Bonine (meclazzine) which helps with both.

    I read that people with CFIDS can have this. This is somewhat new for me. Just had an ultrasound of gall bladder, liver and pancreas--all was normal. Blood work is OK. Doctors say nausea is a vague symptom.

    Does anyone else have this daily problem and what other tests or things should I look for? My integrative DO has me on Lactoferrin (colostrum) and Selenium for immune building. Then on opposite days I take Tumeric and Elderberry syrup.

    Your ideas are truly appreciated.


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    Pau 'd Arco (sp?) helps clean out the junk from my system.

    Today I was throwing up and it was do to poor eating.
    I ordered in some eggplant parm yesterday and it tasted somewhat sour. Dummy that i am, I finished it and told myself that they would never let something that could make someone sick.

    Yes, I called them today. I got a distant and uncaring attitude and a 'sorry', but it might not have been them who caused the problem.

    I do better cooking my own food; I never get sick on it.


    I am pay
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    Bump for others to post.

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