Daily prayer 9/23/03

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    Today I am seeing things from a Heavenly point of view.

    Some people take things at face value. They are realists. They see the glass as half empty. The spiritual world is very much unseen and invisible to the human eye. God is unseen. So are His angels. They are unable to be seen moving among us. This is a problem for realists. They see things happening that appear to be less than favorable and question why. They wonder if God exist and whether he hears the prayers of His people.

    If realist could put on a pair of Heavenly eyewear they would see things differently. They would see the spirit working around them. Problems become opportunities for God’s glory when they are gazed upon with a heavenly point of view. Difficulties become paths to miracles, strength and solutions. Trusting in the unseen leads to Heavenly insight. Best of all, the view from this vantage point is out of this world!

    You may have been seeing things as a realist in a way that caused you to loss sight of God. Now you know that sometimes things are not what they seem and are more than what meets the eye.- Gail Lindsay

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    Very nice thoughts there. I was at a friend's house today and this woman happened over and said, "I just know that everything that happens to me today has already passed through the hands of the Lord." Jo Ellen