Daily prayer 9/9/03

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    When I share my faith I offer an answer greater than any other.

    There will be people who will think you are crazy. They will talk about you behind your back and shake their head. They may even doubt your motives and intention. They will say you must have lost your mind, be getting old, or you have been influenced by some nut! Why else would you share your faith with them? Why else would you tell them Jesus is the answer and the only way?

    It couldn’t be for real. If it were they would already know it. They are smart. Educated. Even gifted. They know all about the most sophisticated computer software, stock market trends and even the team favored to win the Super Bowl. Besides they don’t need Jesus right now, they have a whole life ahead of them. They can always get to know him later if they have to. Unless of course, there is no later, and today is the last day they will be here on earth to listen. Don't be silent. Share your faith.

    You may have believed that sharing your faith with others was embarrassing because they would think less of you. Now you know that it doesn’t matter what they think of you. What matters is that they be given an opportunity to discover the answer – Jesus Christ.

    - Gail Lindsay

    ”Jesus answered, "The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent." John 6:29
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    Thats a beautiful post to share. Love the part of not being embarrassed anymore about having Jesus in ones life.

    Yeah, people talk about you behind your back, but so what huh?
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    Oh, Lord....

    I awoke this morning with heavy tasks ahead.
    Burdened with questions....whats going on in my head.
    Yesterday, bout' four or so..I could not focus
    my eyes were dead!
    I came to this computer friend to see what I could do;
    but kept with the narcolepsy, double vision, heavy lids.
    I went to the bed on the back porch to rest
    take some oxygen, hoping the best.
    When awakened by dear friends...
    I knew not the day it had been!
    I remembered the daughter who recently moved out;
    she said...Mom, your senses..they are out!
    Soon it seems there is the elder at the door...looks in and says...Hmp! looks fine to me.
    next came a friend; one who truly cared.
    awakened me at what I believed was 7:30 this morning
    this was the day the double vision and narcolepsy had occurred and slowly I remembered the past day recalled;

    Now I see 9-11 and stopped!
    What a cad, how soon I had forgot!
    Twin Towers, the good and the brave;
    the deaths, the rescues each had gave.

    The double vision, narcolepsy, oxygen and all,
    pale to the memory and courage of the men, women and
    children of that day...
    And what?

    The puppets of the northern island
    must have pulled in the arms and fightin';
    Our President seemed to have cared intently
    but what fruit do we see of that promise.....
    ....he intended?

    Well, someone must have yanked his string
    and being a "good ole boy" a new song he sang.

    9-11 I almost forgot you, but
    thanks to the writer whose post I now read,,
    Brought it all back to me
    in my head,


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    Everyone of those post brought tears to my eyes. thank each and everyone of you. I forgot my pain for at least a moment. I am printing this out.

    Sorry i dont have much more to say but my brain and body is completely numb, i cant hardly think let alone time. Please pray that they figure something out at my next neurologist aapt. next. tues. i love each and everyone of you. GOD BLESS YOU GUYS and have a wonderual day. mama