Daily Prayer by Billy Graham

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    "For unto us a child is borm..and His name shall be called Wonderful,Counselor,The Mighty God,The Everlasting Father,
    The Prince of Peace." Isaiah 9:6

    To Christians, the joy of Christmas is not limited to his birth. It is built even more on the triumph of His death and resurrection - that gave meaning to his birth. The mysterious spirit of generosity which possesses us at Christmas is the afterglow of Calvary. The fact of the Cross illuminates this day and hallows it. As we exchange our gifts, let us remember that they are symbolic of the unspeakable gift of God's love. I do not believe that Christians should be giving expensive gifts to each other. We should quietly give simple gifts that are a expressions of our love and devotion to the recipients. These Gifts become symbolic of the gift of God's love. How much money could be saved and invested in the Kingdom of God by thousands of Christian families every year if the true meaning of Chrismas was observed.

    Prayer for the day:
    Loving God, my Heavenly Father, in your gift of Jesus I see your immeasureable love reaching out to all mankind.
    How I praise you and adore you.
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    AMEN !!!

    Thank you so much for posting this great prayer today and sharing it with all of us.

    Many Blessings to you, Judy