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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by danny3861, Aug 18, 2003.

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    Today I am eliminating additives.

    There are so many choices these days. What was once a simple decision has now become complicated. Gone are the days of simplicity and simple choices. No longer is there a simple choice between white or black Keds, now there are thousands of styles and designer labels to choose from. Something as simple as a choice of beverage is even complicated. Pure, natural water is not good enough anymore. Now there is designer label water, bottled natural spring water, and even water with additives. You may choose flavored water, water with carbonation, and water with vitamins and minerals added. Today it seems the more you add to something pure and simple, the better it becomes.

    This phenomenon doesn't just affect consumer products. Some have incorporated additives into their relationship with God. There are those who have added sauces of rituals, toppings of requirements, sweetening sacraments, and have even glazed on rites of passage, into the Christian relationship. There is so much emphasis on additives that it is difficult for some to simple have a relationship with Jesus Christ built on faith in Him. Many are lead to believe that they must add to the equation and which has resulted in many being lost to churches fattened up with additives. Jesus Christ is pure. There are no additives needed to know Him and nothing that can add to the pure relationship awaiting those who give their heart, mind, and soul to Him.

    You may be adding to your relationship with Jesus Christ without even knowing it. Now you know that additives are not necessary when it comes to knowing Him.- Gail Lindsay

    "..and become one with him. I no longer count on my own goodness or my ability to obey God's law, but I trust Christ to save me. For God's way of making us right with himself depends on faith." Philippians 3

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    I am shouting because this is a great post...thank Danny. I have long past the need to break everything down into little boxes, analyze it, desect it...etc. I hang onto one truth. Jesus came this earth to die and thus make atonement for MY sins and the sins of the world. That is the basis of my salvation and fellowship with my spiritual family. I love this, thank you.
    I do have to tell you that we can't post URL's on these boards. We can say Do a search on "so and so" and give the site name but we can't put in the www.....com, org etc etc.
    Sorry to have to fuss about this, but Mikie or Shirl will "get you" if I don't let you know. LOL
    Also be sure that any post's copied are NOT copy righted so that reposting them won't get you into any legal trouble. I just saw that post by Mikie in the last week on the FMS/CFS board. I hope I haven't discouaged you in any way, I just don't want anyone to get into trouble. Hugs to you my brother...that is a powerful post.
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    No problem, I didnt know. forgive me.
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    when I first joined I did the same thing! I just subscribed to the daily prayer...thank you. That's a great site.
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    Hey Takesha,

    See, I learned something today. I hope you it.
    May god bless you and I'll be on later. I'm off
    to take my son to soccer practice.