Daily Prayer For 01/17

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    Dear Heavenly Father,

    We praise you today for you have given us life.

    You have given us precious abilities, talents, and traits.

    You have given us the ability to understand, to create, and to rejoice.

    You have given us gifts so vast and so numerous we will never know all we possess.

    You have given us people to love and cherish.

    You have given us opportunities and experiences to help us grow in wisdom, depth, and dimension.

    Most of all, you have given us the right to climb your stairway to Heaven each day.

    Each day, as we climb ever higher, we can grow to be more like you.

    Each day, as we climb ever higher, we can enjoy the blessings of being one of your children.

    Each day, as the folly of our youth turns into eternal hope in you, we find your love and mercy pulling us upward and onward.

    Although not every day of our climb up your stairway is easy, we persevere, and over time we are learning your laws are just, your wisdom is infinite, and your will always leads us to be with you.

    As we climb your stairway each day, we get older in our bodies, but we shall stay young in our spirit.

    As we climb your stairway each day, we shall get closer to a time when our age will be no more, and we will become forever young.

    All these things we humbly pray in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Amen and Amen.

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    Wonderful prayer Judy. Great way to start my day.