Daily Prayer For 01/26

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    Dear Heavenly Father,

    When we expect the worst, give us a heart full of trust in you so we expect your best.

    When we look around and see devastation, give us a mind to expect great achievements in your name.

    When we hear the cry of persons full of hatred and venom who want to kill, maim, and destroy, give us a heart to expect the highest calling of your good and merciful will.

    When we see no way to solve problems and we expect so little, give us a heart to expect the most out of ourselves, expect the most out of you, and expect the most out of others.

    When sin and darkness run rampant over the earth and it seems our days are numbered, give us a heart to expect the glory to see you face to face.

    When it seems hatred has infected the hearts of the world, give us a heart to expect the love of your tender guidance.

    When it seems the hearts and minds of the world are focused only on war, give us a heart to expect the peace of your presence.

    All these things we humbly pray in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Amen and Amen.
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    Amen Judy. Wonderful prayer.

  3. kathyrere

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    in Jesus name we pray
    in prayer kathyre
  4. britt

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    amen...very uplifting...