Daily Prayer For 01/27

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    Dear Heavenly Father,

    Many times in our lives we have thought we was not important to you or to your work upon the earth.

    Many times in our lives we have thought you did not see us or care about us.

    When we look at the world, the world is filled with so many people we could get lost among the mass of your humanity.

    We are such a tiny speck compared to all the other people who live upon the earth.

    Not only are we a tiny speck, We are also only upon the earth only a brief time compared to the time the earth has been spinning upon its axis.

    Although it might seem we are not important, We now know in our hearts we are important to you.

    We know we are important to you no matter how many other people populate the earth.

    We know we are important to you because you sent your only child to die for us.

    Precious Lord, when we start to think no one is looking out for us, show us how you are with us all the days of our lives.

    When we stray from your path, call us back to be your humble child.

    When we fail to do what you want us to do, put your call upon our hearts and show us your forgiving love.

    When we are lost, please come to search for us and find us.

    When we think we are not loved, place your power upon us and show us we are in your eye every moment.

    When the difficult moments of our lives diminish us, inspire us to rejoice in the moments we have.

    When the obstacles of our lives overwhelm us, inspire us to push onward.

    When we feel unloved, remind us you love us by bringing us to your cross.

    All these things we humbly pray in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Amen and Amen.
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    Praise God....my day was just lifted by this prayer...thanks be to God and thank you for posting it...
  3. kathyrere

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    In Jesus name we pray.