Daily Prayer For 02/05/04

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    Dear Heavenly Father,

    Let us never count the cost of giving.

    Let us never wonder what we might receive in return for what we give.

    When love is needed, let it flow from us with no thought for ourselves, but let our hearts be touched only by the need through you.

    When forgiveness is needed, never let us look back and count the cost of the infraction, for in you, there is no counting of the cost.

    When forgiveness is needed, let us forgive freely and openly.

    When the wants and needs of our own lives impinge upon us and make us want to hold back what we can give, let us move forward and give in excess.

    When the pressures and commitments of our lives cause us to forget your place in our lives and hearts, send a reminder so we will remain holy and attuned to your will for us.

    In your will, let us rise above the lower instincts in us that would reduce us down to the level of selfish animals.

    Whenever we feel the urge to take, inspire us to give.

    Whenever we start to think of ourselves, inspire us to think of you and of others.

    Whenever we are called to give, let us give beyond what we believe we have, knowing that it is you who created all we own and that we are but a borrower for the few short years we are upon this earth.

    In all we say and do, let it be you who is glorified.

    All these things we humbly pray in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Amen and Amen
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    This was a touching prayer for me. Just what /I needed after a hectic dday. Bless you.