Daily Prayer For 03/05/04

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    A Prayer To Handle The Small Things Of Life.

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    In all the small things of life, give us a little reminder of your presence.

    When we are caught up in our selfish life, show us there is always another person who needs us.

    When we are depressed about how life is playing out on this field of battle, show us your destiny for our soul.

    Show us Lord, for we are sometimes blind.

    Show us Lord, for sometimes we cannot see you or hear your voice.

    Show us Lord, for our faith grows weak and we hang on to only the thread of your garment.

    When things do no work out as we want, show us all things work out for your glory if we are willing to conform to your will.

    When others slander us, show us the way of the cross is a way of pain.

    When we are tired and weary, show us a glorious heavenly life waits for us just around the corner.

    When we make our plans, remind us to make only plans that glorify you.

    When we build our castles in the air, remind us that you hold the air in the palm of your hand.

    When we want others to see us and notice us, remind us that no one can see us, notice us, or know us like you.

    When we are alone in our pain, remind us we are never alone.

    When we cannot see past the torment of the present moment, push our mind to fall down at the foot of your Cross.

    When the small and petty things of life seem to run us ragged, show us the very big picture of your surrendering your life for us on the Cross.

    All these things we pray in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

    Amen and Amen.