Daily Prayer For 03/14/04

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    Dear Heavenly Father,

    Thank you Lord Jesus for this moment of sharing in the glow of your love and mercy.

    Thank you for the ability to work, to play, to plan, and to be your child.

    In these times of my distress, please give me patience.

    I seek your power to be patient with the ways of the world that seem to assault me.

    I seek your power to be patient with the people in my life with whom I work and live.

    I seek your power to be patient with your appearing again upon the earth.

    I seek your power to be patient with the aches, pains, sufferings, and adversities of my life.

    I know there is a proper time for all things and that in you I can cast all burdens.

    When I am exasperated and feel the heat of anger because things are not working as I think they should, touch my heart and instill your patience within me so I may be still and know of your presence.

    When the frustrations of life overtake me over goals I have not achieved, remind me that with patience, your goals are my true destiny.

    When disappointment rages within me over failures and setbacks, show me that with patience, all things done in your name are successful in your eyes.

    When the pain of life consumes me, show me the future.

    As I hold dear to all you have for me in the future, show me my time of rejoicing and singing in your name.

    When I am confined in the prison of my doubts and uncertainties, show me that waiting upon you yields multitudes of blessings so numerous all the seas of the earth cannot hold them all.

    In the name of Jesus Christ I humbly pray.

    Amen and Amen.

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