Daily Prayer For 07/10........( Guiding Lights ).........

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    But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.
    PROVERBS 4:18

    A young woman worked at a factory which was about ten blocks from where she lived. She could walk to work, but to do so, she had to cross a railroad bridge which was treacherous going when the sun began to set. During the winter months, it was doubly dangerous due to slippery conditions, as well as darkness. The woman would have avoided the crossings altogether had it not been for the crossing guard. Each evening, as the woman approached the crossing, the guard waved a lantern to signal that he awaited. Using the powerful light, he would lead the woman by the hand across the bridge. Throughout her life, the woman never forgot the kindness and help of the older crossing guard.

    The lives of those people who are touched by the love of Christ are like guiding lights to others who have yet to find Christ in their lives. They can provide guidance and help, and they shine forth as bright examples of how good life can be. God's light can shine through us if we will only let it. We have the opportunity to show others the difference that Christ can make. When we live life empowered by the light of God, we live as He wishes we would.

    Dear Heavenly Father, Please make us a light for the world. Let us shine forth with Your goodness, care, and love. Let all who look to us see Your grace. Help us to magnify the saving light of Christ which You have lovingly given us. Amen and Amen.

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