Daily Prayer For 07/28.....( Watch The Gate ).........

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    Blessed is the man that hearth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors.
    PROVERBS 8:34

    A security guard worked at the same job, watching the gate of a chemical plant, for fifteen years. For that entire time, no one had ever tried to break into the plant. The guard watched television, read books and magazines, drank sodas, and walked the grounds. often he would doze off, passing the long, tedious hours in slumber. It hadn't always been that way. When he was first hired, he had sat alertly at his post, making his rounds promptly and completely. He had spent hours working on ways to improve security at the factory. That hadn't lasted long. The dull routine of the work and the late hours took their toll. As time passed, so did the guard's enthusiasm.

    One night, while the guard slept, three men broke into the plant and made off with thousands of dollars' worth of valuable chemicals and drugs. In an instant, the guard lost his position because of his inattention when it mattered most.

    Christians need to take heed. Our attention must be on the Lord. We never know what might lie ahead, so we should consciously try to be the best we can be in all circumstances. If we live each day as if it is the day we will meet our Maker, then we won't be embarrassed on the day it finally comes.

    Dear Heavenly Father, We pray that we might be alert and fully awake to our duties as Your loving disciple. As we follow Your will, let us not grow weary or tired, but fill us with every energy that we might be ready when our time comes. Amen and Amen.

    Blessings to all, Judy
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    I'm going to go read my daily devotions now, that message was wonderful!
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    I just finished the last book in the Left Behind series, and the part where Jesus cast some of the believers into outer darkness shocked me into reality. Although Christians may have had the same enthisiam as the security guard, we sometimes become lax in our faith and go through life with no testimoney what so ever. Or, we go through life doing all sorts of good failing to realize we need to do them according to God's will not our desire.

    Scripture states Christians were cast into outer darkness because God never knew them.

    Heavenly Father, I ask that you reveal to me, my oun pride and the areas where I seek to do good, that are in line with your will for me. Reveal to me the areas in my life where the enemy has snuck past my gates and is using your word to casue me to act outside of you will for me. Open my eyes that I may see your truths and open my ears that I may hear your words. I ask that you bless me with discernment, so I will be able to discern your voice and leading from the that of the enemy.

    God Bless