Daily Prayer For 08/01.......( The Wise In Heart ).......

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    The wise in heart will receive commandments, but a prating fool shall fall.
    PROVERBS 10:8

    The story is an old one and one that is happening all too often. A couple prepared to leave a party where they had overindulged. The woman was drunk, and her husband only slightly less so. As they began to put on their coats, a friend offered to drive them home. Insulted, the husband refused to even consider it. The husband and wife stumbled to their car amidst the protests of their friends. Despite the warnings and admonitions, the couple sped off in their car. As it rounded a right curve, it swung out into the oncoming lane and struck another car. Though the husband and wife were only slightly hurt, the other driver and his son were killed.

    Foolish people refuse to recognize wisdom, even when it is right in front of them. It doesn't matter who offers the suggestions. Both friends and foes are ignored. When our egos get in the way of clear thinking, we are on a pathway that leads away from God. God glories in the person who will listen to good advice and do what is right. God doesn't give us instruction in order to ruin our good time. His word is offered only to give everyone the chance to live life to the fullest. It is the wise in heart who receives instruction gladly. The fool stumbles down the road to destruction.

    Dear Heavenly Father, Unplug our ears, O Lord, and let us hear the wisdom of those who care for us. Destroy our foolish pride, and lead us to paths of good sense and smart choices. Keep us from hurting ourselves and others. Amen and Amen.

    Many Blessings to all, Judy
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    isn't that the truth! I knew someone like this, and reason could not get past the ego. however, after God let this person fall flat on their face a few times they finely woke up.

    God Bless