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    Today I am trusting God no matter what.

    Ever morning you wake up and trust that the sun will be in the sky (ok so you easterner’s at least expect daylight!) and every night you count on it setting in the west and night falling. You trust your bank, your government, the airline pilot, you even trust your hair stylist. Do you truly trust God? Do you have faith in Him and believe on Him no matter what? Or do you have doubt? Perhaps you pray and ask Him for wisdom, strength, love, abundance, harmony and then doubt that your prayer will be answered. Maybe you desire a change in your life but then feel unworthy and expect the worst.

    Quit doubting! All you ever needed you have been provided and all you will need will always be supplied to you. Your resources in Jesus Christ are endless unless you perceive that they are limited. In Him your strength is awesome unless you think you are weak. Through Him the impossible is possible until you become filled with doubt.

    You may have been putting your trust in earthly things that have no true promise and no guarantee. Starting today, place your trust in the One who has no beginning and no end.

    ”I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” Revelation 22:13

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    I agree with Debbie about this being a great post! It really hit home when I read it.
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    How refreshing to read your post, how true also! You are a God Send another one of Gods Angels here on earth. God Bless You! HAVE A WONDERUL DAY! mama