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    I am most blessed when I experience life to the fullest.

    Do you own something you value that you only use on special occasions? An expensive outfit, fine linen or china, jewelry, a particular room in your house? Are there people in your life that you value so much you only see them on special occasions? Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays? Are there qualities that you have that you only share with special individuals? Your boss, best friend, or important business associate?

    You have been given many special blessings in your life. Some of these blessings present as people, some as material things, and some as human qualities and experiences. These blessing are yours to enjoy and to share. If you deny them, store them up, or hide them they are wasted. Your blessings are not in jeopardy of becoming extinct. They are not like an endangered species. When you choose to act like they are, you limit your potential for joy and love.

    You may have believed that you need to have a special occasion to enjoy your blessings. Now you know that the more blessings you share and experience the more blessed you become.

    "All these blessings will come upon you and accompany you if you obey the Lord your God.” Deuteronomy 28:2

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    This was the first thing in my email I read this morning.
    These daily journeys are do great! I just knew you would post it!
    I also read it to Michael before he left for work, and reminded me that several years ago, he had bought me a Pendleton blanket and it is sooo pretty. I brought it home, looked at it, put it back into the box and put it on the shelf in my closet...for about an hour. He said, isnt it a shame to have something so pretty hidden in the closet, why don't you leave it out? I keep it now on the back of my couch and I love the way it feels, when I lean back against it. I am really enjoying it a lot NOW. I think the same is true about our spiritual gifts...we keep them hidden so afraid to use them sometimes.
    Thank you for this post. I hope you have a wonderful day... be sure to do something special for yourself...you deserveit!

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