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    Today I am running to the Lord.

    You have had the experience of being frustrated. Beat down. Belittled. Ridiculed. Harassed by others or by circumstances. Sometimes when things get to be too much you may just want to run and hide or stand on a rooftop and scream! You could choose to do that but your situation and circumstances will not improve. You may feel better for a short time and have some temporary relief, but the issue would still exist. You might emerge from your cave or the rooftop renewed, but soon find that the same old situation has you running back there again.

    Why not try a different approach? You may want to take the situation to a Higher Power. Have you considered seeking refuge in God through His Son Jesus Christ? You could go to Him and ask that He listen to your situation and guide you in a way you may have not considered. In fact, you could go to Him and be relieved of all that troubles you! All you have to do is humbly ask – and believe!

    You may have thought that there was no place to turn but to caves or rooftops. Now you have discovered the true solution – Jesus Christ.

    - Gail Lindsay

    "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

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    How did you know I am often a hermit??? When I feel bad, or upset, or something is bugging me, I head straight for the cave! There are times also, that I hang onto things and just feel sorry for myself. The absolute worst is being in the hermit mode, and throwing a pity party for myself...I have no one to invite!!!!lol The part about God leading us in ways we hadn't considered is sure true...I would have never guessed I'd be addicted to this board and pounding keys and making new friends and getting blessed. Isn't he wonderful? Thank you for sharing this, gosh I appreciate you so much. I hope you and your honey have a great day, and Danny, You wait and see what path God is going to lead you down, that you haven't yet considered. It's going to be much better than "Dorothy's yellow brick road!" Hugs my brother.
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    I needed that and Takesha, where you reading my thoughts? I have been in a down mode for a week! i have been ?ing myself and my friends. Is it them or me changing? Am i becoming a hermit? Or is it because they dont understand how i feel? I guess it doesnt matter, i need to turn all of this over to the Lord - he is the only one with the answers and who completely understands. Thank you again Danny. I needed that. mama