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    Today I am moving in Christ.

    Children love playing with puppets. They can make them do all kinds of things and act out all sorts of dramas and playful skits. The puppeteers are in control. They decide how each puppet will behave and which puppets will be in the spotlight. A puppet is merely an empty form of fabric, glue, wood or plastic that comes to life when the puppeteer with the power enters their world.

    Are you living your life like a puppet? Do you merely respond to the forces around you pulling you in different directions? Are you reacting to the whims and demands of others? Are you falling prey to their emergencies, needs, and manipulation? If you are, you may want to stop and reclaim your life. Consider what would happen if you didn’t act when others pulled your string and instead responded differently when their next “emergency” arose. Perhaps you could handle things differently or react in a new way. Maybe you can refocus your life and gain some control so that you address things that are truly important. Use your time more responsibly. Spend your resources on things that are of value. Move in a direction that you set for yourself in relationship with God. Let Christ be your Master and move in Him.

    You may have thought that you were merely a puppet reacting to others direction. Now you know that God is in control and your direction and movement should be in Him.

    ”For in him we live and move and have our being.' As some of your own poets have said, 'We are his offspring.” Acts 17:28

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    Have you ever considered doing something with your writing, for Guidepost or one of the christian magazines? You have such a beautiful gift. Thank you for letting us be blessed with it daily! mama

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