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    Praise is a wonderful way of celebrating life and giving thanks.

    There are so many “Hallmark’ holidays. Holidays that never used to exist but now are advertised and promoted as a way of celebrating life and giving thanks. Secretary’s Day, Grandparents Day and, believe or not, Children’s Day are some of the new found expressions of celebration. It pretty sad to think that we have to have a greeting card company encourage us to celebrate and say thank you to those who we should be thanking everyday.

    Everyone likes hearing words of praise. Great job! Good work! Thanks a bunch! You made a difference! Perhaps we need to spend more time praising and less time complaining. Maybe it’s time we gave thanks instead of being silent. Life is a journey full of experiences and people. Thank God we have each other to celebrate with along the way.

    You may have been feeling as though celebrations and thanks were meant for holidays and greeting card stores. Now you know that praise and thanksgiving are a celebration that is meant to be experienced everyday. - Gail Lindsay

    "I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone"

    1 Timothy 2:1
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    Than you Danny for posting the daily prayers. They are a great source of inspiration to us!
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    Like Patrick Swayze says to Demi Moore in the movie ghost,
    Ditto. My family and yall here at this board make me feel truly blessed. I do all things in the name of the Lord.

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    I think we all make each other feel blessed... There is a little phrase in a song that I listen to and it goes: when I am down in the valley and you see me struggling along, lift my name up to Jesus, let's help each other make it home. I think that this is what we all are doing for each other by praying and encouraging, we are helping each other make it home! I think that it is so great that we can do this for each other!
    God Bless
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    we have you to encourage us everday with your daily prayer post. It takes time and dedication (my brains gone, spelling?) to do this. I can't say it enough, PRAISE the Lord and thank you for this. God Bless you Danny. mama