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    Sometimes the greatest comfort is knowing that you can go home.

    The word “home” produces all kinds of images. Comfort, warmth, family, unconditional love, joy, peace and happiness. A place where you can just be yourself, relax and recharge. Home is where you are surrounded by your favorite things and by the people you love. Home is a place unlike anywhere else on the planet. It’s feels like a giant hug to go home. If your home on earth makes you feel this wonderful can you image what it will be like to finally arrive in your heavenly home? How awesome it will be to be in a place of total peace and light.

    The promise of everlasting life at home with Jesus Christ is by far the most amazing truth ever. Set your sights on the things above and remain firm in your commitment because there is no place like HOME.

    You may have been focusing your energy on earthy home improvements. Now you know that focusing your sights on the things above leads to a home sweeter than you could ever imagine.
    - Gail Lindsay

    "They are not of the world, even as I am not of it." John 17:16
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    Reading this made me think of a song Setting My House In Order, getting ready to move away dont want a thing to hinder when Jesus comes that day. I want my robe to be spotless, I want my eyes to shine so Im setting my house in order getting ready for moving time, and when I leave I'll never look back for I'm moving to a better home. Up there where peace and happiness dwells, never be alone. I am anxious to go and I'll soon close the door to this house I'm now living in. Im setting my house in order..soon heaven will welcome me in..Thanks again for the post!

    Just had to come back to this post: I am looking forward to our heavenly home, but I am not hasty about it. I can't help but feel the purpose for all of us still being here is that Jesus is still searching for more, so many more lost sheep. I know that we all want to see our loved ones find salvation before our time to leave is at hand. I don't want to be hasty or selfish. Even the lost ones that we don't know, we all want them to know Jesus. Jesus does not wish for any one to perish, he wants everyone to have everlasting life. He does not wish for His crucifixion to be in vain! So while I am looking forward to that blessed day, I am also willing to wait until He says that our time has come.
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