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    Today I am reflecting on what truly is at the heart of my life.

    Life is so busy. There are so many activities and competing priorities. You may feel that you are being pulled between commitments to work, home, kids, and school. There seems to be a time shortage or at least the demand of activities exceeds the supply of time available. What though lies at the heart of your life? What motivates you? Some may answer that their loved one or kids lie at the heart or their life. Others may admit it is their work, themselves, their drive for wealth or success, or need for recognition. Whatever it is, it is the one thing that everything else revolves around. It is essentially what you live for. If the answer to this question is anything or anyone but Christ, stop and reconsider.

    When Christ is the center of your life everything revolves around Him. If you feel this is not where you are, then where exactly are you? You may believe that when your time on this planet is over or when the Rapture took place you will be going to spend eternity in Heaven. After all, you are a believer! The heart of the matter is this, why would Christ want you to spend eternity with Him if He is not at the top of your earthly priority list? If He isn’t your focus now, why would He be your focus in eternity? If you really want to spend forever worshipping Him, perhaps you should rearrange your priorities now ....while you still have the chance.

    You may have been thinking that you were the center of your life. Now you know that the only life worth having is one with Christ right at the heart of it.- Gail Lindsay

    Jesus replied: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' Matthew 22:37
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    This prayer got me thinking alot. What it said is so true. While sick, I put aside things like working on discipleship training reading and homework. Been learning alot lately about daily prayer and quiet times. How to pray too.. But havn't done that in a week or so. I was also too sick to attend the meeting for training at church this past Sunday. We have a partner during the discipleship training, and supposed to call once a week, to just compare notes, talk. Didn't do that either. I have put aside while sick putting Jesus as the center, or the top of the priority list.

    Thanks for the push, the thoughts, the wisdom.