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    Today I am reaping the rewards of the seeds I planted with the grace of God.

    Harvest time is a very special time. A time to gather up all that has been carefully nurtured. The harvest is the result of not only planting but also of ongoing care and attention. The harvest could not be possible without daily care, commitment, attention, sunshine, and nutrients.

    Your life is in many ways the same as the harvest. You can plant seeds of love, respect, integrity, and humility. Nurture them and provide them with the light of the spirit. Keep out the weeds of evil. Water them daily with the Word and maintain them with constant faith. At the time of harvest, you will reap everlasting life, peace, and joy.

    You may have felt that you did not know the best way to grow in God’s love. Now you know that with careful planting and care you can reap great rewards in God’s Kingdom.- Gail Lindsay

    "The LORD will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest." Psalm 85:12

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    Great post! Thoughts to live by...I know that I would love to plant seeds of love, respect, etc... and tear those weeds of evil out of my garden!