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    Today I give praise and thanks to God for the gifts He has bestowed upon me.

    You are who you are because of the gifts God has given you. You may have the gift of public speaking, singing, persuasion, drawing, writing, listening, comforting, or organizing. Whatever gift you have been given, it is yours to use for God’s glory.

    So what have you done with your gift? Have you sealed it up in an airtight container and tucked it away where only you can find it? Did you think that by storing up your gift you could increase its shelf life and keep it longer? Have you used it for purposes that benefit you and you alone or are you using your gift to glorify God? Gifts are for giving! Use your gifts wisely. If you do, you will see the results all around in the lives of those you’ve touched. Gift giving is contagious. Once you start you may never want to stop, especially since the more you give, the more you receive.

    You may have thought that your God given gift was to be kept tucked away. Now you know that your gift can only glorify God, and be a blessing to you and others, when you untie the ribbons and give it freely. - Gail Lindsay

    "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1:17
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    Sometimes I wonder what my true gift is. I think at times it may be helping others who are recovering from emotional abuse. Sometimes I think it may be helping others somehow who are facing needing medical care, and don't get it because of lack of insurance, or in poverty. Then I love kids, the youth.

    My church also does missionary work. Sends people out within the church on trips to other countries. My husband and I talk about that sometimes. If our health issues were better under control, then I think it could be a possiblity.

    Last week at church, one of the things within the message delivered was looking into your heart, learning how to. To see what your true gift is. That God has planted within every one of us a gift. I wish to know what it is. Going to keep on trying. Daily prayer, meditations help. Got away from it while sick, still sick. But getting back into it once again.

    My husband and I never have prayed together. Today we did. I used to feel self conscious in doing so. No longer.

    Loved this daily prayer, thanks for sharing it with all of us Danny! I liked the part about sharing your gift with others, for others, and to glorify God.