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    Today I am lighting the way for others by being authentic, genuine and real.

    Originals are worth more than copies. They hold more value because they are the unique first that can never be precisely replicated. This is true of original paintings, sculptures, pieces of art, furniture and other collectables. Replicas or “knock offs” are never as detailed or valuable as the original. Unless limited in production, copies are worth significantly less then the original article. Value is added by the rarity of the piece. “One of a kinds” hold the most value.

    What about you? Are you an authentic, genuine and original individual or are you a copy of the latest worldly social, political or media trend? Many people are mirror images of the world around them. They are unable to set themselves apart from the world to take a stand for truth, morality, integrity, honor or justice, let alone to take a stand for Christ. They simply copy the majority who are shallow and complacent and who find mediocrity to be acceptable. It takes effort to set yourself apart. To be original, imagination and creativity are required. It takes energy and commitment to be genuine and honesty and perseverance to be authentic. You are far more valuable to Christ when you are a one of a kind genuine article set apart as a light in the dark world of copies and reproductions.

    You may have thought you could blend in and be just another face in the crowd. Now you know that you were created to live you life as a genuine bright shining light leading others out of the dark world of auto copy.- Gail Lindsay

    "No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead he puts it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light.” Luke 11:33