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    Today I am in prayer about fire.

    It seemed impossible. It could never happen. Fires so powerful and aggressive they could consume miles and miles of wildlife, forests, and homes. It may have been impossible to believe, but in a short time it was reality. Fire so awesome and aggressive it turned the sky black and blocked out the sun for miles and miles and miles. Smoke and ash everywhere and many lost homes and some lost lives. What is it about fire that makes it so invasive, so permanent, so volatile? Untamed and alive it whips about as it pleases without regard for animals, people, or structures.

    This is not the fire we need Lord. Extinguish and quench the fire on the hillsides, the flatlands and the mountains and in its place ignite a fire in the hearts of your people. A fire so powerful that it will light up the world with your love, consume others with your peace, and skip around across cities with your Word. A fire that will cause us to reach out with our time, treasures and talents to make a difference in the lives of others and to allow us to move from our place of comfort to meet their needs. We are fired-up Lord! Fired-up about sharing the Gospel with those who may feel that they now have nothing. Help us Lord to do whatever we need to do to turn sorrow and tears into love and care. Also Lord, send some rain - not too much, but just enough to quench the embers and provide relief. We love you Lord.

    In Jesus name,Amen

    "Do not put out the Spirit's fire;" 1 Thessalonians 5:19