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    Today I am sowing new seeds for a future harvest.

    Farmers know that they have to plant a crop if they want a harvest. They know that what they plant is what they harvest. If it’s corn they want, it is corn kernels that they plant. Farmers know that everything happens in time. Corn kernels take time to sprout and grow.

    These same rules apply to the harvests in your life. As with crops, if you decide not to plant a seed you will harvest nothing. If you do decide to plant something, you will reap later what you sow now. You are reaping now what you sowed in your past. It may be financial prosperity or financial loss. It might be a happy relationship or a troubled one. Perhaps it is poor health or great vitality. The good news is that you can begin now to sow what you want to reap in the future. That means that if the current harvest is not what you desire, you have the opportunity to plant a whole new crop starting today. So what will it be, slim pickings or a bountiful harvest? You decide and then start planting!

    You may have been confused about the quality and quantity of your harvest. Now you know that you can begin today to plant a whole new crop for a bountiful harvest of just what you want for the future.- Gail Lindsay

    "Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows." Galatians 6:7

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    Thank you Danny! I come to this board just about everyday (when I can anyway) and I really enjoy your words of hope, praise, and wisdom. Thank you, once again, for your gift today. You are truly a blessed person, and I have you in my daily prayers.