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    Today I am responding to all the messages in my life that are really important.

    Everyone loves getting mail – aside from junk mail and bills. You know the mail I am referring to. It’s the fun, happy, make you smile kind of mail. The photos and letters from family and friends who live far away or who somehow you are too busy to see. It’s the surprise cards, just thinking of you notes, invitations, and of course the occasional gift check that is considered mail worth receiving. . “What came in the mail today?” is a very familiar _expression heard at our house. Who knows what great surprise there might be! There’s the “you’ve got mail” kind of mail. The e-mail that is sent to brighten your day, share a kind word, remind you you’re loved, or keep you inspired (like this message).

    There is another kind of mail that is delivered to you everyday. It is mail sent to you directly from God. It is tucked away in the mailbox of your soul just waiting for you to be still enough to open it. If you forget to check your mail each day, it continues to pile up. If you never open it, it will be ‘returned to sender – address unknown”. I don’t know about you but I would hate to have my mail returned to God with a message like that.

    You may have thought that the only mail your needed to receive was delivered to you by earthy means. Now you know that “You’ve Got Mail” far more important than that to take time to open every day.- Gail Lindsay

    Therefore Jesus told them, "The right time for me has not yet come; for you any time is right. John 7:6

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    Danny you the one who helped me pray today and then I read your story.Thanks again Garnette
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    Thanks, glad I could help. God Bless you.