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    Today I am focusing on the obvious solutions that sometimes become hidden
    in the clutter of my life.

    You have heard the _expression "You can't see the forest through the trees".Life can be just like that. Many times there are problems or issues that you face where the solution is obvious, it is right there in front of your face and still you can not see it. When these times present it is beneficial to refocus and stand back to get a better view. Much like a camera lens if you zoom in too close you can distort the view and miss the beauty of the big picture.

    No matter what you are facing and no matter how long you have prayed about it, make today the starting point in seeing the solution from a new perspective. The answer is right where you are! You just need to refocus and change the angle to get a clear view of. God has provided answers to all your questions in Jesus Christ. Ask Him to give you the perspective you need to find the answer to the problem weighing heavily on your heart and then know that the answer will be revealed to you in a way that will be crystal clear.

    You may have been focusing so much that you missed the answer to your
    question. Now you know that sometimes the answer is right there waiting for
    you to step back and so that it can be revealed. - Gail Lindsay

    "We know also that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true. And we are in him who is true--even in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life. "1 John 5:20
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    Its what I been doing the last few days, when alone. Finding some answers, regrouping. Finding some peace and happiness in between the craziness.

    Loved the daily prayer Danny! Hope alls well with you and yours!!

    I was reading the bible some yesterday, came across a scripture..But now cannot locate it..Was about now you are saved, when before reading the bible you did not understand..Now you do..

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    Thanks Sunshyne. Everything is fine my way.
    How are you these days? Hope you are feeling goog these days? Sounds like you you had a good day. God bless you.