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    I praise God for placing me right where I am.

    Have you ever wished that you could turn back the hands of time? You believe that returning to a time long ago when you where younger, stronger, and maybe even happier, would solve all your problems. If only you could go back! Imagine, you could leave all your troubles and rejoice in your past. You may want to turn back the hands of time not only to recapture your youth, but to have the opportunity to live in a less complicated world and time. A time when your children were young, your parents were alive, or your best friend was still around. A time when you had that favorite job, a more comfortable lifestyle, or a larger bank account.

    Quit being so selfish! Don't you get it? Can you not understand? There is a time for everything and everyone. If you could stop time or go back in time you would be denying others of their joy, their chance, their life.You wouldn't want someone to deny you of the experiences that you have had in your life so don't for a second believe that all would be well if you could just go back. Instead appreciate, savor and enjoy where you are today. Some day you may wish you could return to this very time of your life. Today is the only chance you will ever get to enjoy right now.

    You may have been glancing with an eye toward the past. Now you know that God has provided you the gift of the today because there is no time like the present.- Gail Lindsay
    "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven" Ecclesiastes 3:1

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    I used to want to turn back time, because I am stronger now, and could face and deal with things back then, that I didn't and couldn't face. But then what I went through then, has made me what I am today. So yeah, its riducluous to think that. I had my health too back then, and feel I wasted it away, took it for granted.

    Good daily prayer to think about.