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    I am changing the landscape of Christmas present.

    What do you think about when you hear the word Christmas? Christmas should bring to mind images of Jesus the Savior, goodwill, family, love, traditions, and giving to those in need. Instead many Christians think Christmas is a stressful time of shopping for just the right gift, rushing to get everything that they feel they must give as gifts, wrapping, and running from relative to relative so that everyone is happy.

    I wonder what God had in mind for Christians to do at Christmas. I believe He would want us to pray, reflect, reach out, search within, renew, be hopeful, share joy, give the gift of our presence (not presents), be encouraged, share faith, and praise Him. He would expect us to have a Christmas that was simple, more meaningful, richer in spirit, more about Him and less about us, more about others who really are in need, less about buying gifts for everyone on a list because of felling obligated, and to remember that each of us can improve the world with our unique God given gifts.Your God given gifts and your presence create a Christmas celebration worthy of His name.

    You may have been feeling like you had to rush around and buy Christmas
    before the last shopping day arrived. Now you know that Christmas can not
    be bought. - Gail Lindsay

    "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests." Luke 2:14
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    The way Christmas is commercialized is crazy, I dislike it so. Last year was the first year we.. My sons and husband and I celebrted Christmas the way it is explained in the daily prayer Danny.

    My lights for my tree.. I had to replace them. I bought some really beutiful lights this year. I am concentrating on when I go shopping this weekend for presents for my sons.. To buy them some meaningful gifts.

    Tomorrow is our local parade too. My husband and one of my sons helped build a float that will be represented in the parade. Lit up along the side of the float is "Jesus is the gift".

    The lit up tree I enjoy alot, I am at peace when its lit up, and all the lights are dimmed. I reflect, pray. Give thanks.

    I am no longer stressed during the holidays. That in itself is a gift to me. I look forward to time spent with friends and loved ones. Its the time of year, when people are a little more happier, carefree, loving. The world doesn't seem so harsh.

    We met a family recently, and they are living in a motel. They were evicted not long ago. They are really needing help. So I did some research, and found a place they can live at and be helped with temp housing, and they help to get lives on track. Its Christian based. It feels so good to help others in need.

    Anyways, sorry about rambling.. I been in the Christmas spirit all day. This post made me smile for sure.

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    My sentiments exactly Deb. I've been saying that for yers. Being with Family and Friends and gettting together and giving thanks to the lord for our many blessings. Thts what I enjoy most. God bless everyone.