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    It is time for an inventory of the heart.

    Things just tend to creep into your house over the years and before you know it there are things tucked away everywhere. There are things tucked away in cupboards, drawers, the attic, and the garage. There are things tucked away that you use occasionally, things tucked away that are heirlooms or were given to you by a family member, things tucked away that you bought but never used, and things tucked away that you don't even remember you have! You have so many things tucked away that it may become necessary to take an inventory to locate them, identify them, and sort them. You may be surprised at what you discover in the process. There may be old treasures that are more valuable than you thought or tons of useless stuff that you should have discarded years ago.

    An inventory is a great way to take account of your belongings. It is also a great way to take account of your life. Is there something from your past that you have tucked away in your heart that you really should let go of? Do you harbor a collection of old hurt, disappointments, and pain? Is there treasured sin hidden in the dark corners of your soul afraid of being exposed to the light? Make a list and sort it all out, then discard the things that are standing between you and God. There...isn't that much better?

    You may have been accumulating some hazardous material in your heart that is toxic to your relationship with God. Now you know to take an inventory and clear out everything that is contrary to a pure heart. - Gail Lindsay

    "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." Matthew 5:8
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    I understand the meaning so well of this daily post. I have alot of crap, and clean it out daily. Then there is crap that I do not realize is there, until I get a nudge, reminder of it. I have alot of buried stuff.

    Thanks for the post Danny.