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    Today I am remembering to take time to cherish the special seasons of my life.

    As a child growing up in New York I would wait with excitement and great joy for the first snowfall of the winter season. The more snow the better – especially if school was cancelled. If it was a good snowfall, with just the right kind of snow, it was time for snowman building. Now, living in Southern California, snowmen are a thing of the past for me but they are one of my most favorite holiday decorations.

    Unlike the Word of God that lasts forever, snowman are temporary. They are much like sand castles along the shore that soon disappear as though they were never there. They serve as a reminder of the need to cherish each precious moment while we can because they too will soon disappear into a mere memory. So, no matter what, make time during this Christmas season to enjoy the special moments that await you because before you know it this Christmas will have slipped away.

    You may have been too busy to embrace the Christmas season unfolding around you. Now you know that the season is a beautiful experience you cannot let slip away.- Gail Lindsay

    "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away." Matthew 24:35