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    If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. —2 Corinthians 5:17

    Bible In One Year: Genesis 7-9; Matthew 3

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    Thank You so much for sharing the Daily Verses with all of us. I enjoy them so much.

    One of the great wonders and magnificent benefits of accepting Christ into your heart and life is that you get a new you. But there are problems in getting a new you. Many people do not want to get rid of the old self, the old self steeped in sin, the self that causes them so much discontent and torment. Many people want to keep the old self alive by hanging onto it. Getting rid of the old self is, for some people who do not want to change, like getting a divorce or suffering the death of a loved one. In getting rid of the old self, or in letting the old self die, there can be a grieving process. Letting the old self die, then changing so dramatically, and then having a new person come out within you, can be one of the scariest things about the Christian faith. We don't think of our faith as scary. But people who are not Christians, or people who are Christians who are still carrying around the old bag of garbage from the old self, are afraid of changing. People are afraid of the unknown, and for many people, becoming a Christian means venturing into the unknown. People are afraid of things they don't know anything about. People are afraid of change. If people knew what their new life in Christ would be like in advance, they would fill our churches. A person's new life as a Christian is full of peace and blessings but people are afraid of the change to get the peace and blessings. Not changing makes no sense if you are a Christian but staying away from the changes makes perfect sense if you are not a Christian. With a new birth, just as in human childbirth, there may be some pain. But just like human childbirth, you forget the pain after the new you is born.

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