dairy, cfs and bones

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    Hey I have had significant bone loss in last 3 years since last bone density, and interestingly it coincides with me quitting dairy the last 2 years after the alcat test. I used to eat organic yogurt daily. But once I did the rotation diet it confirmed the alcat tht something about dairy seemed to increase pain, I hadnt known before because never isolated it. However, if it ties in with bone loss not having it I will eat it again! HOwever, my doc says it could just be genetics and may not matter what I eat. I do wonder though if I eat dairy all the time again if I won't notice increased pain from it as will build up tolerance again, I wonder if that is ok, what you dont know won't hurt you hah

    I am curious what you guys think about dairy, as its one of the things like wheat and sugar discouraged for us, yet it also has benefits. Also, do any of you think we can build up tolerances to the little immune spikes some foods like dairy supposedly give us per those tests like alcat? I know those sensitivities arent static and can change.
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    You probably already know this, but just in case you don't, Vit D is crucial to having strong bones......if you haven't had your levels of it checked, it would be a good idea, and if you are low (as many are), supplementing with it could help (it is very inexpensive and unless you have way too much, it won't cause side effects)....can also help with pain

    ETA: a lot of yogurts do not actually have vit d in them
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    Funny you should mention dairy. I had no problems eating dairy my whole life, until I was diagnosed with FM....at which point I became "lactose intolerant" - self diagnosed. Maybe it caused flareups instead now that I think about it.