Dale or Tansy will you e mail about nature biotics SBO?

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  1. PaulMark

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    DAle: i read your post on nature biotics PD didn't do much for me period, i would like to try the orginal soil org.

    you offered to someone to e mail you

    i didn't see your e mail , can you e mail me how to find it? i'm not very good at searches, brain fog and bedridden time etc.

    will you e mail me please or tansy if you have info, too


  2. tansy

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    but I'm not the best person to ask. Dehaddress, Dale, is the expert and delighted with the results she got from this programme. One thing she did say was to avoid primal defence; they've added some bits to it supposedly to make it work better, but these can cause problems for people like yourself.

    Thinking about all the things you've said in the past, and how you feel about veg juices etc, this does sound a feasible approach for you, it would certainly be worth looking into.

    If you do a www search there's lots of info and then Dale can hopefully help point you in the right direction regarding using this the right way. I know it's difficult taking all this in when so ill but you are the best judge as to whether this really is right for you.

    Good luck

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