Dalmark and Pat-thanks-how many other health care workers here?

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    First of all thank you Dalmark and Pat for your replies to my post. It is nice to know I am not alone. I just graduated from ultrasound school in 99 and it was a new career for me. I went back to school knowing I had fibro and endometriosis and it was tough. It was not until other problems such as the back surgery and knee problems that caused me to have to quit working temporarily.

    I still plan on going back at least part time eventually. The real bummer is the fog-I still have to pass my boards and am scared to death to take them. Physics seems liek geberish when I study these days. LOL--but I am working out my knee and getting stronger every day and will return at least part time. The only glencher is if I have to have my ACL reconstructed because it is torn--and not healing as my doc and I would like it to from meniscus removal and repair. I keep loosing stabliszation when walking and have a lot of pain and swelling still 3 months post op.

    I am a sonographer by trade, how many other health care workers are here on the board? I would love to hear from you. Are you still working? If not do you miss it?

    cathy aka griswoldgirl
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    Just wanted to say hi....I have been an LPN for 12 years. Had to quit working in September when I just couldn't hold up to the 12 hour shifts anymore. My spirits have been low, but atfter having being dx'd in 1995, I countinued to keep working on and off. Never could seem to hold a job down long. The flare-ups would hit and I would miss work. Not a good thing in the nursing field. I also always had to explain my meds on the drug screen. Some jobs wouldn't even allow me work there based on the drugs I needed, which is understandable. Still, my pride hurts, I loved nursing so much. I too have a slight tear in my left knee from the roll MVA I was involved in 1994. My ortho said the tear was so small he wanted to wait until it torn completely to repair it...what a nice thought. My prayers and thoughts are with you.....You should be proud of your accomplishments, and don't quit until it's your last resort. I still hope to find something in the medical field I can do that doesn't require the lifting and strain on my body. Peace......Vicque
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    I've been a psychotherapist for over 20 years. Have had FM/CFS for 35 years, later osteo, psoriatic, & rheumatoid arthritis set in, lifetime of asthma & allergies, and was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease 2 years ago. I worked full time up to 1993 when the FM/CFS got too much for me, and I had to quit a good paying job and go to work part-time for much less salary.

    I am 53 and definitely not the person I once was. I used to be a go-getter, highly motivated, had a zest and passion for life, enjoyed hiking, mountain climbing, and rowing. Now it is an accomplishment to get out of bed and drag this poor, worn out body to work. I miss more work now than I used to.

    I live in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Montana, and today we have over a foot of snow on the ground, very cold, snowing with high winds, and I am having a painful day. Not even the oxycontin & percocet are working. I am also worn out from the holidays and in a CFS flare. Have a bladder infection and feel like I'm coming down with a flu bug. Can't seem to get my temperature to regulate over the past couple of days--feel cold, then hot sweats....can't get comfortable.

    Hope you are doing better and Good Luck with your exams. Hang in there. For me working is important. I love what I do. Helping others takes my mind off myself and gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I think if I just stayed home that I would dwell on every ache & pain I had and fall into a deeper depression. We need to continue to have goals and dreams in our lives, and I commend you for having the courage to keep going. Best Wishes, Carol.....
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    Cathy,I was an LPN for many years. graduated in 1984.then I went back thru home study and New York Regency,and got my Associate degree in Nursing.But unfortunately I developed fm during my degree studies.I managed to finish and get my degree,but never took the boards due to becoming disabled.I quit work as an LPN in dec 1995.
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    Hi Griswoldgirl:
    I'm a retired RN - retired due to this DD. I've been retired for 4 years and miss my old job alot. It was more than a job to me, I LOVED my job with home care/hospice. It was my true nursing love! I tried working less hours, with a resulting loss of benefits and pay just to keep working with home care patients. But in the end, after a year, I had to quit. Miss it and regret it to this day. I'm filing for SSD and am awaiting a trial date with the judge.
    Hope you are doing better? I find that ultram helps and also gentle stretching yoga. I also get massages when I can afford them. Hope some of this helps you.
    post to me anytime - love to talk! I'm just a little sore right now to say much.
    Happy New Year
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    For your question Cathy, I am also curious how many of you are/were in the health care field.

    It seems I have welcomed more health care workers then any other profession in the almost two years I have been here.

    No, I am not one of you, but am still interested.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I'm an RN, worked for 29 long, long yrs. I hated most of those yrs. I worked for a gov't hosp that had a decent early retirement plan so I retired in 2000 and I haven't missed the place for one sec. I have been asked several times to return part time but there's no way I would go back to 12 hr shifts and all that aggravation and stress. Just can't do it anymore. I was diagnosed with FMS 8 yrs before I retired but I'm sure I had it for many yrs before that.
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    Before I got the mycoplasma infection which triggered my illnesses, but when I did have some symptoms, I worked at a large clinic in many capacities from insurance specialist to helping in the surgical suite. I had a lot of patient contact.

    Love, Mikie
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    I just woke up this morning and realized it was time to contact my Radiologist and the perinatiologist I worked with and get some letters of reccommendations before they forget who I am! LOL

    when I left it was under very strained circumstances. The hospital I worked for had a very strick attendance policy. If you were sick you had to call in 24 hours in advance or it was an occurance. If you got 3 occurances in 3 months you were written up, second time in a year final warning--one more occurance and your fired and that is what happened to me. And mind you an occurance is an illness that can land you in the er-does not matter. No 24 hours notice=occurance. My daughter had lyme disease over the summer and was very ill when school started so I had a lot of days when I had to leave early to pick her up--if you leave more than 1/2 hour before your shift it is a .5 of an occurance. I was on my last warning when I got a call at school the day before my disability began for my knee surgery and she had been attacked and hit on the back very hard and I had to go pick her up. My boss was none to nice about it--when I told her what the phone call was about(after telling the nurse about my work situation at school and having her be patient with me)--I went back into my room and continued to scan my patient with twins and it was a first time scan the twins were in trouble, not a normal scan so I did not want to pass it on to anyone except the radiologist because I knew what I had been taking pictures of for over an hour---my supervisor screamed at me when I told her about the call,"That's it, that is an occurance, youre out of here!", shoved me out of the way of my paperwork and made me go in and scan in front of the patient trying to explain what I saw without lettting the patient know anything was up--very unperfessional--then she told me this does not sound like something you can handle on the phone-you need to go-so i did thinking she told me to go as a directive. I was trying to work on getting someone else to pick he up until I got off at 3 then was going to take my daughter to the doctor after work.

    It was a mess. I had given them their 24 hours notice and tried my best to work with a stabilzation brace on my leg for 2 weeks and the pain had gotten too great. My surgery was not until Sept 20th and I left on the 5th--I had been counceled on my medications and was not going to work taking percocet on top of the oxycontin I was already taking inorder to stand the pain and compromise patient care.

    the injury stemed from a accident with an OR tray months back--went to their docs at the time and no one wrote a word about me complaining about my knee only the tibia where the tray hit--in hinesite what happened was my leg hyperextended and tore my ACL and my meniscus very badly and I complained everytime i went to their WC doc, but they always told me you have arthritis and fibro, your gate is thrown off--it is nothing to worry about.--LONG STORY SHORT-- I had to seek my own doctor to order an MRI and no WC attorney would touch the case, because no documentation-filed for disabilitly through my work and they are denying it because they do not understand why i could not work up until the day before surgery.

    I am appealing it with an attorney but 4 months later, no income, no job, cannot collect unemployment because I am not ready willing and able to work.

    Prior to all this I had cspine fusion in Dec of 2000 and was out 4 months and had no FMLA left, so they were not going to "grant" me another medical leave anyway--so the job was already gone. They wrote me up several times for irratic behavior(which was me crying in a corner by myself when things got too bad, my marriage was in shambles, my health was not good, my teeenager was ill and my meds were all screwed up and some times at the end of the day I would loose it but never in front of the patients just my coworkers, but it was considered bringing down the moral of the department--no on ever asked if they could do anything for me, they just complained) At one point I told my supevisor about neurontin--had a terrible reaction to it made me aggressive and pissed off all the time--told her it was a problem with a note from my doctor telling her I was tapering off of it, she in turn took it to her boss, gathered a few people to make statements on how I had not been myself and turned that into a write up.

    The stories go on and on. It was a very sick workplace where no one cared anything in management but the "policy and proceedure manuals" and that we were 1 FTE and a machine to turn out patients. I watched them bully a woman who took time to be with her dying mother with cancer, took a leave with FMLA and the day her mother died called several times to ask when she would be returning. There is another technologist that I know who is suffering a very serious illness and is undergoing treatments at the very hospital in the system she works at and after chemo--they want to know why she cannot work her 40hours and are giving her a hard time.

    All I know is that my next job will be very thought out. I think I would like to work in a doctors office or outpatient facility with few less employees. I do want to stick to OB ultrasound although I am quite capable of other areas, it is what I am good at and like.

    Love to hear from more health care workers

    take care

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    Shalom, Shirl

    Happy New Year Everyone!
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    fortunately still working, although I feel that sick leave is looming in the background. Have been a nurse for 27 years in various health care situations and have wondered about any relationship between various possible exposures to other sick individuals and this DD. Not that we'll ever know in the near future...anyway, if there is a connection, think what that would do to the nursing shortage LOL :>)
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    when my husband's financial situation allowed me to. I thouhgt I was just burned out, at the time I did not realize I was sick. typical nurse, helping everybody else and ignoring my own symptoms, thinking I was lazy or psychosomatic! I used to really love my job. but healthcare, in most places, has changed so much. In one job I felt more like a salesman than a caregiver. Healthcare is such a business anymore. I have applied for SS disability, and may eventually get it. i don't know if I will ever go back to nursing again. I never missed it at all, until I realized I may not be able to return to work.

    Management for nurses is terrible! no wonder there is a shortage. If I had a daughter, I would steer her career choices away from healthcare.

    I tested potitive for a variety of viruses when I was diagnosed with CFIDS, and I often wonder how many of those I picked up at work!
  13. JP

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    but that does not count! Lol...

    Guess you could call me a want to be. I do have a pre-med BS degree and I have spent copious amounts of time in the OR observing surgeries while conducting social research. As part of this research, I went on rounds and a lot of pre-post op visits. I have worked in a doc’s office and I spent part of my life assisting clinical research for breast and prostate cancer with the big boys. That was pretty interesting. I have other types of experience too. I just guess you can call me very interested, accepted to med school and too ill to continue past my masters! During my journey, I also picked up massage to give me hands on skills and I have studied alternatives for years.

    Take care,