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    Dr. B. told me to continue the Samento, Cumanda, Artemisinin while I'm taking off the abx. I've just finished 5 days off and I almost feel normal --- how nice. Today I'll start back again with 1/2 for 10 days or so. Usually, I just wait until I feel awful then stop it for 5 days or if I'm having company.

    Dr. B. put me on Biaxin first and it was way too strong for me. I had such an awful time with it she changed my abx to Zithromax/Ceftin. Some people do well with Biaxin though.

    I learned about the detox pads on the lyme forum. A lot of people there really like them. The guy's site is HealthMarvels dot net. He has the cheapest yet really good quality foot pads. They really do pull toxins out of your body. In the morning when you take them off your feet they are black! Yuck! When I don't use them, I wake up with a headache so I know they work!

    Dry brushing is done before you get in the shower (you can probably do a search) with a brush you buy at the health food store (like a loofah but not). It would be good for you to do it before you soak.

    I wrote you a post awhile back but I guess you didn't see it. I was going the same day you were (if I remember correctly.) I usually go on Tuesday mornings to do blood work and the viral IV. I think my next appt. is the week of Thanksgiving.

    So will you find out your lyme results on Tuesday??? I know you're apprehensive. At least we are getting answers and help.

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